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Fixing the Environment Starts with Bringing Awareness to It

Unfortunately, many people do not care about global issues regarding the environment. However, people are aware that nature is in trouble. They just don’t spend time time to try and figure out exactly what needs help and where.  Most people do not realize the destruction of the Earth will have very long lasting effects.  This is why the movement to …

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Sea Temperature Rise Will Kill Almost All Coral

Coral reefs bleach across the world as sea temperatures rise. How can coral adapt? Sea level is rising around the world, and coral reefs are diminishing in record numbers. Many communities have become dependent on the food coral reefs provide, so bleaching hurts humans too.  As sea level temperature rises, the ocean, which is the biggest carbon sink in the …

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sea level rise

Sea Level Rise Accelerates as Ice Caps Melt Faster

Sea levels continue to rise, threatening coastal cities worldwide. Scientists predict that if the situation persists, sea levels may never go back to how they were before. What is more, with sea level comes less space on land. Sea level rise could make many places unlivable. Some scientists believe that sea level is a great indicator of how much climate …

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