New Tesla Model S Raises the Bar for Competition

Tesla has made a lot of changes this year, and all you need to know about them is here.

The new and improved Tesla Model S:

If you are going to make an electric car nowadays, you are going to have to focus on speed, acceleration, and rechargeability. The new Tesla Model S definitely fulfills these roles. Besides its functional improvements, it also has some major technological upgrades. The car comes with the all-wheel drive version of the motor, which was a Tesla original invention. The car has a 0.25 100 kW electric motor, which Musk says is “the most intensive battery I’ve ever been able to build without going bankrupt.” The new Model S also has the ability to reach a top speed of 250 mph, Musk says, but this is primarily because of gearing on the lithium-ion cells, which are much easier to manufacture as well. As of June 2020, the mileage has also recently been upped to over 400 miles, the highest of any electric car!

It’s going to be very exciting to see how the new and improved Tesla Model S handles compared to the Tesla Model S that we’ve been using since 2012 which had a few technical shortcomings. It was the handling of the lithium-ion cells that was the issue. The improvements that have been made to the Model S technical specifications, though, should be sufficient to make the car handling much more comfortable. This would make a huge impact on the technology industry.

In a normal car, the handling and performance would be nothing to write into history. But with the assistance from Musk, and the manufacturing facilities that have been built in China, the production of lithium-ion cells can completely change the road life as we know it.

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