Solar is the New Wave

The production of solar and wind energy is taking over the energy market. But this is not the only form of renewable energy. Renewable energy also relies on the use of biofuels and natural gas. This new form of energy is becoming a rapidly growing source, both in developed and developing countries. These are the areas where wind energy technology has taken off, and solar photovoltaic cells are now affordable as well as efficient. In fact, in many countries they are free of charge, and are a standard source for energy. The cost of producing solar energy is dropping, making it much more reliable, and efficient than it ever was before. This is mainly due to China’s insistence on keeping the country involved in the production of solar panels, as opposed to their usual business practices. As a result, over the course of the last decade, the solar power industry has grown rapidly, and now employs tens of thousands of people. 

Although solar energy is soaring, wind energy has dropped a lot in the past few years. In fact, not one wind turbine that was put on the market has a capacity of under 1 MW. On the other hand, solar power is going strong, as the number of solar panels globally are also increasing at an alarming rate. One of the companies that was pushing wind power development a lot is now developing solar panels for under $1/mwh, and solar panels with costs about 4-8 times lower. This is also due to the drop in price of oil, and gas prices from a year ago. 

This is a huge victory for the solar power industry, and a great motivator for the other renewable energy industries that are working hard to keep pace with wind and solar. Renewable energy has taken over, and now it’s something that cannot be stopped from happening.

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