How to Fix India and China’s Air Pollution Problem

Solutions for human pollution may vary, but there is a common theme among the green technologies. 

They are cheap and easy to implement. In fact, a recent study has found that cheap, renewable energy, has the potential to solve the energy problems of developing countries, such as China and India.

There are many tools and techniques to clean up the air around us, from air purifiers, to air purifiers, to chemical air cleaners. Yet, despite their very low price, these air cleaning agents are very costly. They are expensive not only for the environment, but also for society.

The solution, however, is not to buy the expensive products that solve the problem. The solution lies in the public transportation system, which would allow people to travel much more cheaply. 

The solution also lies in having more conversations about pollution, and not being afraid to express concern.

A group of researchers from MIT conducted a study on air quality in cities in China and India. 

They determined that air pollution is a major problem, and that the solution lies in the public’s reluctance to use the transportation system, even though it would allow people to travel much faster and cheaper.

The team used data collected on air pollution monitors, and analyzed it. They found that the air quality in cities in China is a lot worse than that in cities in India. In fact, in cities like Beijing, the air quality was estimated to be 12 times worse than in cities in India. ‘

The team then calculated how much a cleaner transportation system would be if those cities made energy use and air pollution regulations.

Air pollution is especially bad for health. It can cause headaches, irritability, sleep disturbance, and other respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

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