New Synthetic Tree to Reduce Emissions

Deforestation will have a huge effect on climate change. At the end, the two main consequences will be effects on the sea level and air pollution. 

This is why climate scientists are concerned about the effects of deforestation, and why some of them are even calling for the world to abandon coal, petroleum and oil.

Scientists at MIT have developed a prototype, compact and highly efficient “tree-mend” device, which can make use of the harmful gases emitted by burning fossil fuels. 

The result of their prototype, or tokamak, could potentially be used in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by using a light source to absorb the carbon dioxide and then burning the carbon dioxide to produce electricity.

The process of tokamakination involves two main steps: one for capturing the carbon dioxide from the air and another for making electricity.

The model tokamakination device was created by taking the small pores of carbon dioxide from the porous black or very dark gray particles, called tokamakinescope, and placing them in the center of a cellulose-rich textile. 

This resulted in a porous black or very dark gray clump, which can be used as a medium for drawing moisture and carbon dioxide from the air, thus, removing the carbon dioxide from the air.

While it is known that tokamakination is an effective method for removing carbon dioxide from the air, it is not an accepted one in the field of renewable energy. To do so, the device would have to be compact and efficient. A prototype is being tested at the moment.

However, tokamakination is not the only renewable energy technology that can be used in reducing carbon emissions, it is only a small part of a much bigger picture. 

The potential for using it is great, as it can be used in any industry, making it the perfect tool for any kind of industrialization.

The future of tokamakination is very promising. There is a great possibility that it will be the one and only energy storage technology, making it more and more practical to use.

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