The Modern Way to Recycle

Recycling is the easiest way for regular people to do their part in healing the Earth.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the change of our way of thinking. 

By recycling, we aren’t only removing the waste from landfills, we’re creating a cycle that will last a lifetime.

When you think of green consumerism, you think of recycled paper, glass, and aluminum.

Recycling has been gaining popularity over the past decade or so, and the time is now. As the current year draws to a close, the move to efficient recycling is beginning to impact the material industries.

But, the field of recycling changes, as does the popularity of recycled-materials. Organic materials are becoming more popular, and it’s easy to forget that recyclers are just as important to continue.

A recent study in the journal Environmental Research Letters has a great idea about recycling that is the first of its kind. 

They tested whether a recycling program can actually work, and found the answer to their questions by modeling the recycling process.

The model they created is called RecyclingLite. It’s a free energy system, which recycles materials by breaking them down into energy. 

They used solar power to generate electricity, using a solar concentrator and a current coil. Then they used a metal-halide process to create heat and oxygen.

The results are striking. Using an empty bottle of water, RecyclingLite’s technology created an electric charge.

“It’s like an engine in a car,” said Yangqiang Gan, a co-author of the study and a senior research scientist at the University of California at Riverside.

Gan and his colleagues studied the regenerative properties of the metal-halide process. 

Gan and his colleagues determined that the energy gained by recycling the material is enough to cover the cost of the materials.

“What’s cool is that this process is also good for tailoring or recycling products that will be reused,” Gan said.

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