Surprising Perks Water Power Has That Other Renewable Sources Do Not

Water power is one of the main reasons why renewable energy is trending so much in the market. The good thing is that while solar and wind are increasing in popularity all over the world, water power is gaining traction too.

But, while the push for renewable energy is real, there are many challenges. One of them is that we need a reliable source of renewable energy. Solar power is great, but only when it actually has sunshine on it. And unfortunately, most other renewable energy sources aren’t always as reliable as their fossil fuel counterparts.

This is a sad situation, because renewable energy sources are not always super effective. 

Two of the main challenges with renewable energy are land-use issues and the price of installment. 

Water power however, does not need to use large amounts of land. Places that already have flowing water can be dammed and hydraulics can be installed within that dam. Nothing can be placed on rivers anyways, so might as well make some power out of it.

Although dams are very expensive, places that have flooding and other water related issues needs a dam anyways and there are a large portion of dams that are not utilizing the water for energy

“What we have done is to take the energy that would be used to run water and turn it into electricity. In other words, we have made the liquid in the pipes and the reservoirs and the reservoirs become the medium for a capacitor. This new form of storing the energy has great potential to be combined with solar and wind energy storage technologies,” said Davy in an interview.

The team used a highly efficient technology to produce electricity from water, and not the more common fossil fuels. The technology is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

“While the technology is not as energy efficient as solar and wind energy, it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is also possible to expand the technology and to make it more affordable,” said Davy.

The solution to the global energy problem is not to use water but to take advantage of its movement.

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