New Prototype to Convert Solar Energy Much More Efficiently

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which gives you the feeling that you are always green, not running out of battery.

It is very easy to harvest and use,  has a fast-growing market and  requires no expendable resources to collect energy.

Today’s solar energy issues are not so much about high prices as they are about land use. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to find suitable spots.

Since the sun is already shining, it’s easier to find a spot on the sunnier day to harvest the energy. But not every day is shiny and many places get much less sun due to shade or angle to the sun at certain time during the day.

The companies that are coming out with solar panels are showing to be effective in using solar energy.  New technology is being discovered that allows for better sun absorption for the time the panels are exposed to the sun.

But a major problem with solar panels is they require very large plots of empty land and on top of that they have to be facing the optimal direction, which is south 

The company Solar Energy International has developed a solar panel that can make up for all the other expensive parts of the system, such as solar cells and panel design

The company made a “solar thermal mass” device that can use solar energy to make a thermal conductor. 

SATI was founded in 2008, and it already has a prototype, which is roughly the size of a matchbox. It can convert solar radiation into energy, and in turn it can be used to make products.


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