BioFuel to Be the New Renewable Source of Energy

Corporate sustainability commitments and objectives are becoming more and more popular in companies around the world. Companies are realizing that environmental action is good business, and are aiming for zero waste, zero, zero CO2 emissions.

Companies are also investing heavily in renewable energy. Solar and wind are big business, and they are increasingly driving up environmental concerns. The world has just now begun to notice the signs. But in order to move forward with the necessary changes, companies need to put their money where their mouth is.

A new alternative to wind and solar power,  is the use of biofuel and it is just beginning to gain traction on the global market.

In a recent study conducted by the Institute of Geosciences of Australia, it was discovered that the production of biofuels is a highly effective way to reduce carbon emissions and improve human health.

“We found that biofuel is a more sustainable alternative to both petrol and coal,” said Dr. Thong-Cheong Kong, a senior scientist and co-author of the study. 

“Biofuel can be used by many companies around the world. It can be used in vehicles, in agriculture, and it can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics. It can be used by industry for fuel and by homebuilders. It is sustainable to both the environment and human health. It is an outstanding resource for Australians and the world.”

The research team developed a prototype of a fuel cell vehicle, which they then tested in a series of controlled road trials. After a year and two weeks of testing, the biofuel vehicle was able to win the team’s permission to proceed to a full-scale trial.

“We are very excited about this research, as it is exactly what we have been looking for,” said Dr. Kong. “Biofuel is a zero-emissions fuel, which can be obtained from waste. It is a cleaner alternative to gasoline, diesel, or even cement. It is sustainable to both the environment and human health. It can be used as a food source for people in rural areas. And it can be used by businesses and farmers as an industrial by-product in making biofuel. All this makes it more attractive to investors. We are extremely excited to have found a way to put our research to work.”

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