Recycling Is Only as Good as You Make It

Landfills are only continuing to be filled as more and more garbage is produced.

In fact, it is expected that by 2030, the volume of our garbage will double, the weight of our trash will triple. This is not the only reason that this problem exists, but it is one of the most pressing issues facing our world. 

Trash will always exist; what matters is we figure out as a race how to limit our garbage, and support and participate in systems such as recycling and compost religiously.

A solution to this garbage issue is to get on board with the recycling industry, but not to abandon it. There is nothing more creative than a recycling company that crates about the environment, so do go check them out.

It is worth the time for every individual to do research on what is recyclable and what isn’t so that recycling companies can be held accountable if they choose to prioritize profit over caring for the environment.

What is more, the amount of waste that is recycled can make you lose your faith in the whole system. The big companies do not have the resources to handle all the unwanted materials if you choose to not spend time sorting out what materials go to which waste systems.

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