The Agriculture Industry Needs to Be More Cautious if It Is to Be Eco-Friendly

As agriculture continues to consume resources, engineers and scientists are looking for a way to make farming more eco-friendly. These efforts will help people make more informed decisions when it comes to farming.

What’s not often talked about is that more and more people will need to be fed as time goes by, thus taking up more land that would otherwise be left to nature. There will also be an increase in water use, as 80% of water consumption in the United States is from the agricultural industry, and that number will only increase.

This is where smart water management comes in. US scientists and engineers have been working on finding ways to minimize use of water in farming. They have discovered ways to use sea level measurements to aid farmers in their water management. They have also been developing irrigation techniques that use less water. 

The UN report says that agriculture accounts for about 10% of all emissions. It’s projected that agriculture will account for 21.3% in 2030, 23.5% in 2040 and 22.7% in 2050. 

 Most farmland is in the middle of the US. The areas that are most used for agriculture tend to be in the north-east, south-west and west-southwest Asia. These are the people that need to become aware of much agriculture affects the environment, on all fronts.

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