Will Countries Ever Reduce Their Emissions after the US Pulled Out of the Paris Accords?

Certain countries look to become carbon neutral, but how realistic is that goal and what can be done to achieve it.

While it is expected that the countries will meet their goals of reducing their emissions in the next 30 years, they will not meet the target by itself. The US and China will have to continue to act in order to meet the target.

The first step in the initiative is to purchase renewable energy from the renewable sector, such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectricity. The second step is to set a renewable portfolio standard (RPS), or a renewable energy target that aims to achieve the level of renewable energy used by the countries. The third step is to set an international target for 2030, 2030s, and beyond.

The recent development has made the countries realize that they have to be stronger in order to reduce emissions, and also to protect the environment. Most countries have agreed to work towards the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the establishment of a common regulatory system for the renewable sector, except the United States has chosen to leave this agreement.

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