Hydrogen Fuel Cells Could Replace Gas

New cars are more energy efficient than ever, but will transportation ever be carbon neutral? There are so many alternative ways to make cars more eco-friendly, from reusing energy in making them, to using biogas instead of petrol.

One of the biggest criticisms of electric cars is that they are not entirely carbon neutral. To a certain extent, they are both better than gasoline-powered cars, yet not entirely green. But what if transportation could be carbon neutral?

When it comes to cars, there’s really no question that electric cars will eventually replace gas-burning cars. 

But, as fast as it’ll be, there will be a need for more charging stations. Not only that, more and more cities will have to find a way to store the electricity generated. It’s an issue because no matter how environmentally friendly you might be, the way you are going to do the work will not be able to fit all the demand.

Luckily, a new startup is trying to make a big difference right now, and they’re doing it all on zero waste. They’re currently seeking funds to turn their system around, and they’re using the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, to secure their energy supply.

Their system uses hydrogen fuel cells to fuel an electric motor that produces electricity. It’s a technology that has been around for decades, but nobody has ever been able to make it work, because of the huge amount of expensive materials that have to be handled, which is why it’s taken so long to produce this new version of hydrogen fuel cells.

The company is called H2gure, and it’s based in Durham, NC. They’ve started out in 2016, and they’re now looking to the future. In their Kickstarter video, H2gure explains how hydrogen fuel cells work, and how it works is still a mystery.

H2gure’s initial prototype can be built for about $60,000, and it’s capable of producing electricity and hydrogen. They are looking to make it more efficient, and they’re looking into other types of fuel cells that will fit the bill.

Their new version of hydrogen fuel cells can be built in your garage, and can produce electricity. They’re looking into other types of fuel cells that will fit the bill, and can use scrap metal and recycled water for fuel cells.

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