Temperature Increase Has Disastrous Effects on Our Oceans

Temperatures worldwide have never been so high as climate change continues to negatively affect the Earth — especially the ocean. In the Arctic, one of the most affected regions, the waters are expected to become increasingly polluted with plastics and other debris by both humans and other species.

The problem is, people need to do something about it, because without action, the temperature would continue to rise.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Arctic, here are a few things to note.

Arctic sea level has risen by around 3.2 mm every year, and predicted to climb up to 2 meters by 2100. Sea level has been rising for the last 30 years. The melting of the polar caps is causing noticeable changes in sea level. The problem is the Earth is only getting hotter and that only expedites the melting therefore sea level rise. The Arctic is particularly affected, since the slabs of ice that make it up are actually floating, compared to Antartica, which is actually a land mass.

As the Arctic begins to melt away and water pollution continues to rise, many marine organism re put at risk. Animals cannot adapt to these worsened environments, which will lead to mass extinction of many marine organisms.

And while many don’t think the ocean is worth saving in comparison to land, 1 and every 7 people get their food from the ocean. Organic matter in the ocean has also been found to be a reliable source of biofuel that can be used instead of gas.

There are so many benefits the ocean has and we help ourselves by helping the ocean. While it starts with the Arctic, all oceans will need our help!

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