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Making the Plastic Bag Reusable

Researchers at the Institute of Sustainable Systems at the University of Arizona found a type of plastic bag that is cheap, eco-friendly and highly effective material made from recycling. They believe that we should not use plastics to make plastic bags anymore and it is best to recycle everything.

The study published in the journal Joule this week was conducted to analyze the environmental impact of one use shopping bags and compare them to the amount of waste saved using eco-friendly bags.

They analyzed the impact of the use of disposable bags, which is quite a big deal because in the current economy, disposable bags are used by many industries such as the fashion, food, and commercial industries.

But the team has also created a reusable alternative to paper that is very cheap and easy to use. They created a material that is 20 times more effective than paper, and they already omit the use of plastic and other one use materials.

It is not surprising that the eco-friendlier and cheaper alternative, which can be made from natural materials, is a much better way to keep bags while being eco-friendly.

The team explains that the material is made by using a low-cost hydrochemical process. They also found out that by using the material it is possible to make a plastic that is far better for the environment.

The researchers are currently seeking funding to find an abundant source of materials for the project. They are currently looking into opportunities in chemistry and looking everywhere for this cheap and sustainable material.

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