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Sustainable Clothing Looking to Replace Current Name Brand Companies

Many name brand clothing companies are being called out for their prioritization of profit over sustainability.  What’s at stake, however, is the long-term health of the planet.

While fashion is a fairly straightforward business transaction, it turns out that it’s far more complex than many people realize. Fashion is an environmental issue. Its production can be harmful to both the plant and the consumer.

Production methods like cotton and wool can be considered as being both unsavory and toxic. Cotton and wool are both carbon-intensive and can cause stress to the environment by transporting water and air. Moreover, they make up more than 20% of the global water crisis.

A study published in Nature attempts to put a human face on this issue. A professor at Cornell University conducted the research with two fellow researchers to figure out if it is worth it to make the fashion industry more eco-friendly. He is concerned there will have to be a shift to new brands who make sustainable clothing if the major name brands don’t change. 

These researchers have attempted to to create clothing themselves in the hopes of sparking ways to mass produce sustainable clothing.

The researchers used bioplastics made of sheets of carbon, which they used to make clothing. They mixed the carbon in with water to make a carbon-like material. By using carbon, the researchers are able to create a material that is as durable  and flexible as the materials used by clothing companies. 

The research team’s co-founder explained why he was interested in making clothing out of carbon. He said that the traditional industry has not even been trying to make themselves more eco-friendly as they solely care about profit. 

These researchers are hoping their clothing process will gain traction, excuse even if it isn’t cheap and easy to make, it begins the conversation on how to make the clothing industry more eco-friendly.

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