Boohoo, Other Major Clothing Retailers Continue to Hurt the Environment

Many name brand clothing companies such as Boohoo are being called out for their prioritization of profit over sustainability. 

It is the belief of many activists and scientists that the massive company has lost its way. The company has been criticized by many for their policies and many have even quit the company over its policies. The CEO of Boohoo, John Little, responded to all of this by saying that the company is making clothing needed by people from multiple countries worldwide. But this does not excuse their deliberate avoidance of sustainable clothing.

In fact, the Environment Audit Committee (EAC), the official environmental board of the UK stated it was one of the least eco-friendly fashion companies in the UK. Boohoo was even found to be exploiting workers in their supplier factories, only adding to their failure to care about anything but profit. 

It is hard to say what exactly is going on with Boohoo since then, but it is clear that they are not following any sustainability plan and they are making serious mistakes. A huge company like Boohoo should not be doing that which hurt the environment and people. They are making bad decisions at the expense of other human beings and it is only getting worse.

There are a lot of people who care about the environment and people, and Boohoo is being very selfish. It is time for Boohoo to learn from their mistakes as well as the mistakes of other companies and start showing their products to be sustainable and appropriate.

Boohoo is not the only big brand that is being criticized. Other companies have also made some alarming statements. In addition to the Boohoo fiasco, other companies have been accused of making mistakes, such as not paying enough for their products or not recycling their waste.

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