Fixing the Environment Starts with Bringing Awareness to It

Unfortunately, many people do not care about global issues regarding the environment. However, people are aware that nature is in trouble. They just don’t spend time time to try and figure out exactly what needs help and where. 

Most people do not realize the destruction of the Earth will have very long lasting effects. 

This is why the movement to teach people about the environment is so important. If people are taught of the possible disaster to come, they will spend more time trying to hep because they will care more. It’s easy to distance yourself from a global problem, and it is breaking that distance that makes us the best humans we can be.

First, people need to know how to where in the world nature is struggling and how it can be helped and then they need to be convinced of the need to act. However, the awareness is worth every person’s attention. First, it makes people realize that deforestation is dangerous for the entire world. Second, it establishes that people need to care more for the environment, and take the issue seriously. Third, it makes them realize that other humans are suffering because of their ignorance. 

Thailand has already done experimentation on public views of the environment. They found that when implementing environmental issues  in nature in education and in media, more people cared and wanted to help. 

If more countries tell people to keep the environment healthy we would be living in a different world. But it’s not too late. If you see an issue on social media or from a relative/friend, spread the world. Do your part in saving our Earth.

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