Forest Fires in the Amazon Are only Getting Worse

While the Amazon is the largest body of vegetation on Earth, it is not endless and is a prime target for lumber and oil drilling companies. However, this is not true as the amazon is suffering at an increasing rate due to human influence. What’s more, Forest Fires in the Amazon are killing off the jungle as well, and these fires were started on purpose. This messes with the jungle’s natural fire cycle, only proving the destruction of this rainforest is directly relate to human intervention.

When the fires started, the Amazon had just started to recover from a fire in 2010. Since then, the fires have become much more frequent and intense, as loggers and drillers continue to exploit the rainforest. 

Climate change has already caused an increase in natural forest fire, which only exacerbates the issue. While the fires may appear to be small, they actually cost the environment billions of dollars a year. The areas around the world are becoming increasingly susceptible to fires, which reales very late amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

A recent study published in Nature Geoscience has identified a new area of the Amazon that has been on fire for years. The study showed that areas around the world are experiencing the same problems that were observed in the Amazon. The researchers performed air pollution analyses on over 250 square miles of the Amazon using air data collected by air-monitoring satellites. What they found was shocking. There is less oxygen the the air because there is less vegetation producing it and a spike in carbon dioxide because of the huge mile-wide fires.

Air-pollution problems are just one way that climate change impacts the environment. When you burn anything, you produce carbon dioxide. This has a serious impact on the environment, and the effects are likely to get worse in the long term and short term. While it is easier to measure the amount of CO2 being released from fires, it is harder to tell exactly how less vegetation will translate to less oxygen. Deforestation is a prelims we are just learning the affects of and by the time we do, it could very well be too late. We may even have to turn to synthetic trees to get our oxygen

If people continue to treat the Amazon as a lost cause, it will never survive. Our Earth is what we make of it and fixing our ways starts with awareness of the issue.

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