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Sea Level Rise Accelerates as Ice Caps Melt Faster

Sea levels continue to rise, threatening coastal cities worldwide. Scientists predict that if the situation persists, sea levels may never go back to how they were before. What is more, with sea level comes less space on land. Sea level rise could make many places unlivable.

Some scientists believe that sea level is a great indicator of how much climate change is accelerating. They have deducted that sea level rises will occur more frequently and at a faster pace, as sea level rise has increased from 1.5 mm per year to 3 mm per year in the 21st century. 

However, this rate is based on many assumptions and it is still very early days. While sea level is a relatively hard thing to measure, measurements have been taken from many sites over the years. And even it if the number is a fraction of millimeter off, it is still clear that sea level has doubled its pace in the last century.

Many places that are close to sea level run the risk of being totally overrun by the ocean. Places such as Florida are already losing large amounts of lowland and Venice will be completely underneath the water by the end of the century. 

The excess water has found to be coming from ice caps in the North and South Poles. Increasing global temperature has begun to melt this ice at an accelerated pace, therefore causing sea level to rise.

Basically, sea level rise is unstable unless we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. That is the major cause of climate change and climate change is the cause of sea level rise. This is a domino affect we do not know the extent of, which is all the more reason to try ad stop this chain of events from happening.

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