Vegetarianism Could Save Our Planet

Reducing the amount of meat eaten by humans would significantly help our environment. Many people are aware of the harm to both animals who are being killed, and plants that are being copped down to create grazing land. If people started changing their eating habits to a more plant based diet, our Earth would thank us.

Vegetarianism is a growing movement that embodies this eco-friendly consumption. The meat industry has many immoral and polluting factors such as animal abuse, large consumption of water and building huge farms for forests and jungles

It is clear people are well aware of the environmental impact of the meat industry yet do nothing because many people, especially Americans, really enjoy their meat. 

Some Americans however, have already made the switch and continue to advocate about the benefits for being vegetarian.

But vegetarianism isn’t just better for the environment. It is also better for your health.

The meat industry is known to give many antibiotics to animals that we inject. This is a problem because over time, these antibiotics build up in us, therefore making them less effective. So when a disease comes, the body cannot use the same antibiotic to fight it off. 

Animals are also extremely stressed in their environment, being stuffed into tight spaces with many other animals and being abused, forcefully bred, and having their young taken from them. This stress induces meat with many more hormones that make meat, especially red, so bad for you.   

Vegetarianism is a free choice diet. It’s very hard to convince people to turn away from meet. Humans have literally evolved off of meat and has been eaten for millennia. But this is a new age, with problems that our ancestors have never faced. If we want to save our Earth, we must do our part in mitigating our carbon footprint. 

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