Bumblebee Extinction Will Harm Many Plant Species

Many people’s first reaction when seeing a bee is to kill it or run. While many hornets and wasps do put people at risk, it is important that people be taught the significance of bumblebees and why they should not be killed. 

Bumblebees are among the most effective gardeners and are known to nature and it has been that way for a very long time. Bumblebees are pollinators which mean they help plants fertilize by moving a male part of a plant to a female part of another plant. Bumblebees are required to keep the plant cycle of reproduction in control.

However, bumblebees have seen decline in almost all their habitats. They cannot keep up with hornets and wasps and are being killed en masse by humans. But it’s not too late!

You can still plant bumblebee friendly plants in your yard to provide them a habitat. They are the most gentle organism of the bee family and because stinking you kills them, it is only a last resort. Leave them alone and they’ll work their magic, giving you a very beautiful and lively garden.

The researchers found that the bees are critical for the crop production plants such as tea and corn, which is a vital part of the global agricultural economy. The scientists found that, if the bumblebees disappear, plants will have an even harder time reproducing, only adding to the extinction happing because of climate change.

By supporting and using your home as a place for bumblebees, you are doing a huge part in keeping a vital species alive.

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