Brazilian Government Failing to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon is only accelerating. Some of the worst-affected countries, such as Brazil, may never grow back to what it once was.

The world’s largest forest is being used for logging and is being replaced by humans. Humans want the land to grow crops and herd animals, but our Earth needs those forests.  The Amazon is the world’s largest rain forest, standing at 2,100,000 square miles. While this may seem extremely huge, it is being destroyed at an alarming rate and this rate in only expediting. 

Deforestation is a major problem in the Amazon. Every year, about 20,000 square miles of rainforest is cut down. 20% of the rainforest has already been cut down. How long will it be until there isn’t any rainforest left. Not to mention the worsening forest fires that threaten to wipe out large portions of the forest.

Many Brazilian citizen are worried about the forest and indigenous people within the rainforest are losing their homes to the government.  And what’s worse, the government isn’t doing a job of keeping track of deforestation. The Brazilian government cannot help themselves from capitalizing on the logging and meat industry. 

Exporting lumber and meat provides countries within the amazon with a large amounts of money, making that market undeniable. Money is a stronger driving force than caring for the environment and only when that changes does the Amazon survive.

Brazil has only recently begun to enact environmental laws as the United Nations and global environmental committees have pressured South American countries to protect nature. 

Governments need to start acting fast, as the situation is serious. First, the government needs to get better at tracking deforestation, and then teach people about the dangers of cutting down the forest so people think about other driving factors besides money. 

Currently, the Amazon in Brazil provides the government with $8.2 billion dollars annually, and this is while most of it is still protected. 

The world needs to act quickly to prevent major environmental problems. We need to bring awareness to the forest so it can be protected from governments looking to exploit it for money.

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