Are the United States’ Carbon Emissions Worse than China’s?

While some countries are looking to become carbon neutral in the next few decades, the United States is nowhere close to having a carbon dioxide deficit. 

The US carbon dioxide emissions are around 6 billion metric tons per year, making it the second largest polluter in the world behind China, who is at about 9 billion metric tons per year. Although US emissions are a third less that China’s, China has over 4x the population. This means that the 327 million people in the US produce carbon dioxide equivalent to 929 million people in China.

Part of the reason Americans have a higher emissions per person is the United States is centered around consumerism. Americans are known to buy a lot of things from fashion to cars. The average American has 2-3 cars compared to the 1 car that a family in China might have. 

Many industries such as the makeup and fashion industries create huge amounts of waste trying to create the next best thing. If the rest of the world lived like Americans, the disasters of climate change would already run its course and there wouldn’t be anything left to save.

Americans need to start being more conscious about their consumerism and keep track of their carbon footprint. Lowering your emissions starts with being aware of the decisions you make that increase your carbon footprint.

The US has an opportunity to reduce the cost of carbon dioxide by using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. The price of renewable energy is only dropping as it becoming more available and cheaper on the global market. Who knows what the future of renewable energy holds, but decisions made from now on need to be conscious of the environment so we can great a greener tomorrow.

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