Sea Level Rise Continues To Threaten Coastal Cities

Many cities along the coast of the US will be affected by rising sea levels and for some states such as Florida, it is predicted they will be under water by the end of the century. Sea levels are rising due to climate change, but one factor in the sea level rise is that coastal cities will be affected by storms and tidal flooding.

Sea level measurements taken from local businesses have found that the level of the bay has increased by 3 mm each year, which is almost double what it was in the 1900s. This is bad news for coastal communities because they’ve built their whole lives on the ocean. 

Sea level rise is also accelerated as oceans heat up because water expands the more energy it has. This on top of ice caps melting prove to be a very large threat to our Earth

Global population in increasing at an exponential rate, making it already difficult to fit everyone on Earth. And to add to that, many coastal cities will no longer be habitable. Many humans get their food from the ocean where they live, making it hard to adjust to a life off the ocean.

It will also cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars to move and find a new home, where they will have to make connections all over again. There are numerous ramifications of allowing the sea level to rise at the pace it is, and therefore we as humans must be willing to trying and limit sea level rise.

People in need are depending on your awareness of the situation. Sea level rise is a serious threat and needs to be dealt with in the present, not in the future. 

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