Irena and Other Companies Look to Develop a Green Africa

Renewable energy is becoming more common in Africa and many companies look to invest in the rich sources of renewable energy located there.

Africa is a very diverse continent and tends to have extreme biomes. The most of the North Africa lies the Sahara Desert, a prime place for solar panels. Those dunes get more solar energy than most places in the world and there isn’t anything there. It is untapped space once thought to be useless, but now, has been found to have amazing renewable potential. 

There are also vast savannas and mountains in middle and south Africa that can also provide renewable energy such as wind power and solar power.

In the jungles of Africa, hydropower can be used and relied upon, as it is the cheapest form of renewable energy.

Many companies look to get land in Africa to begin this innovation, but some companies are ahead of the game. Irena, is a renewable energy company already in Africa. They have two major regions they are focusing on, the Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC) and West Africa Clean Energy Corridor (WACEC). Irena also hopes to spread their renewable energy projects to South America

Irena could help many Africans in West and Central Africa have power, and do it in a renewable way. If we build up the power system in Africa to rely on renewable power, they would never expect to depend on fossil fuels.

A common trend in renewable energy is the use of hydropower as a source of power. A great number of renewable energy companies are looking to exploit the vast hydroelectricity in the African region and others.

But Irena is just one company and it is going to have to take a whole functioning renewable market to get Africa to become completely reliant on Green energy. People need to realize investing in renewable energy in developing countries is a great market that also does good for our environment. 

Irena has stated that with proper investment, their two regions, Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) and the Southern African Power pool (SAPP), which makes up about half of Africa will have 50% of their energy come from renewable sources by 2030. 

This is extraordinary process and shows that with investment and good cause, anything can be put into motion. Africa is becoming renewable and the world should follow.

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