Nuclear Power to Improve Sanitation

The fossil fuel industry is in trouble. Global warming policies are failing to curb emissions, and some countries are even turning to nuclear power to help them reach the 2030 climate change goal. Nuclear fusion, the most ambitious climate change project to date, has been proposed in Japan and in China, and both countries are pursuing the project. But there …

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Power plants emit clouds of smoke into the environment

We’re in the Endgame Now

Green research and technology is going to save our planet. We need to act on it. That’s the goal of the Green New Deal. Our lives are being saved by the development and adoption of new sustainable energy. It is not a political nor environmental agenda. It’s a pragmatic plan to combat climate change. It’s about saving the planet. A …

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Is Renewable Energy a Worthy Investment?

The US has made a big push towards renewable energy in the past few years. The new goal is to hit a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. This was the focus of a conference that recently took place in Washington DC.  The conference participants advocated for increased domestic investment in renewable energy sources. The goal was to …

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