Sea Temperature Rise Will Kill Almost All Coral

Coral reefs bleach across the world as sea temperatures rise. How can coral adapt? Sea level is rising around the world, and coral reefs are diminishing in record numbers. Many communities have become dependent on the food coral reefs provide, so bleaching hurts humans too.  As sea level temperature rises, the ocean, which is the biggest carbon sink in the …

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clothing on coat hangers in a clothing store

Sustainable Clothing Looking to Replace Current Name Brand Companies

Many name brand clothing companies are being called out for their prioritization of profit over sustainability.  What’s at stake, however, is the long-term health of the planet. While fashion is a fairly straightforward business transaction, it turns out that it’s far more complex than many people realize. Fashion is an environmental issue. Its production can be harmful to both the …

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Temperature Increase Has Disastrous Effects on Our Oceans

Temperatures worldwide have never been so high as climate change continues to negatively affect the Earth — especially the ocean. In the Arctic, one of the most affected regions, the waters are expected to become increasingly polluted with plastics and other debris by both humans and other species. The problem is, people need to do something about it, because without …

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