Brazilian Government Failing to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon is only accelerating. Some of the worst-affected countries, such as Brazil, may never grow back to what it once was. The world’s largest forest is being used for logging and is being replaced by humans. Humans want the land to grow crops and herd animals, but our Earth needs those forests.  The Amazon is the world’s …

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Is the Future of Electric Cars

Tesla continues to dominate the electric car market, recently releasing the Tesla Model S. The car is not only electric but it is also a luxury car with reputation.Tesla also makes solar panels, making them a very green and futuristic company.  We have the details that make the car different from all the others. This is a Tesla Model S, …

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Agricultural Industry Consuming 80% of Fresh Water

Fresh water is becoming more scarce as the global population rises at an alarming rate. Water scarcity means that people will be unable to use the rivers and lakes they rely on for drinking water. Water has become scare in may states really, such as California that has been experiencing extreme drought for almost a decade.  In the last few …

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Bumblebee Extinction Will Harm Many Plant Species

Many people’s first reaction when seeing a bee is to kill it or run. While many hornets and wasps do put people at risk, it is important that people be taught the significance of bumblebees and why they should not be killed.  Bumblebees are among the most effective gardeners and are known to nature and it has been that way …

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Vegetarianism Could Save Our Planet

Reducing the amount of meat eaten by humans would significantly help our environment. Many people are aware of the harm to both animals who are being killed, and plants that are being copped down to create grazing land. If people started changing their eating habits to a more plant based diet, our Earth would thank us. Vegetarianism is a growing …

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