Clean white Tesla Model 3 in a parking from the front angle

Tesla Begins to Dominate Solar and Space Markets as Company Grows

Green car companies such as Tesla are beginning to dominate the automobile market.  While Tesla is not the first green car company out there, it has created a reliable and name brand car that most Americans know of.  While Tesla competes to dominate the overall car industry, it already controls the electric car market as the most reputable electric company. …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Could Replace Gas

New cars are more energy efficient than ever, but will transportation ever be carbon neutral? There are so many alternative ways to make cars more eco-friendly, from reusing energy in making them, to using biogas instead of petrol. One of the biggest criticisms of electric cars is that they are not entirely carbon neutral. To a certain extent, they are …

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New Tesla Model S Raises the Bar for Competition

The revolutionary new Tesla model is upping the game for car manufacturers everywhere. The car comes with the all-wheel drive version of the motor, which was a Tesla original invention. It can reach a top speed of 120 mph. The car has a 0.25 100 kW electric motor, which Musk says is “the most intensive battery I’ve ever been able to build without going bankrupt.”

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