Trina Solar Could Provide You Cheap, Renewable Energy

Many companies around the world such as BlueWave Solar, have begun to create large solar farm that can be bought out like stocks. They energy made from those privately owned solar panels is deducted off your electric bill. And what’s even better is there’s a new installation process makes its extremely easy for you to have them installed on your roof, …

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Solar panels grow more efficient every day.

New Perovskite Cell to Replace Old Solar Panels

While unit cost and available surface area are important considerations in the realm of solar energy, one of the most important factors in optimizing the performance of solar panels is increasing their efficiency. Solar panels from brands like Tesla could be used to replace your current solar panels and improve your house’s energy efficiency by up to 30 percent. By installing …

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How Realistic is the Fashion Industry’s Move to Recyclable Clothing

The fashion industry continues to waste the most materials in making their products. Is there any way to make their production process less harmful for the environment? The answer is ‘the more sustainable the better.’ Instead of looking at more new types of materials that can be recycled, the fashion industry currently relies on making up recycled materials by way …

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clothing on coat hangers in a clothing store

Sustainable Clothing Looking to Replace Current Name Brand Companies

Many name brand clothing companies are being called out for their prioritization of profit over sustainability.  What’s at stake, however, is the long-term health of the planet. While fashion is a fairly straightforward business transaction, it turns out that it’s far more complex than many people realize. Fashion is an environmental issue. Its production can be harmful to both the …

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