A wall of gum and trash.

Making the Plastic Bag Reusable

Researchers at the Institute of Sustainable Systems at the University of Arizona found a type of plastic bag that is cheap, eco-friendly and highly effective material made from recycling. They believe that we should not use plastics to make plastic bags anymore and it is best to recycle everything. The study published in the journal Joule this week was conducted …

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Clean white Tesla Model 3 in a parking from the front angle

Tesla Begins to Dominate Solar and Space Markets as Company Grows

Green car companies such as Tesla are beginning to dominate the automobile market.  While Tesla is not the first green car company out there, it has created a reliable and name brand car that most Americans know of.  While Tesla competes to dominate the overall car industry, it already controls the electric car market as the most reputable electric company. …

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