Irena and Other Companies Look to Develop a Green Africa

Renewable energy is becoming more common in Africa and many companies look to invest in the rich sources of renewable energy located there. Africa is a very diverse continent and tends to have extreme biomes. The most of the North Africa lies the Sahara Desert, a prime place for solar panels. Those dunes get more solar energy than most places …

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Sea Level Rise Continues To Threaten Coastal Cities

Many cities along the coast of the US will be affected by rising sea levels and for some states such as Florida, it is predicted they will be under water by the end of the century. Sea levels are rising due to climate change, but one factor in the sea level rise is that coastal cities will be affected by storms and tidal flooding.

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Brazilian Government Failing to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon is only accelerating. Some of the worst-affected countries, such as Brazil, may never grow back to what it once was. The world’s largest forest is being used for logging and is being replaced by humans. Humans want the land to grow crops and herd animals, but our Earth needs those forests.  The Amazon is the world’s …

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Trina Solar Could Provide You Cheap, Renewable Energy

Many companies around the world such as BlueWave Solar, have begun to create large solar farm that can be bought out like stocks. They energy made from those privately owned solar panels is deducted off your electric bill. And what’s even better is there’s a new installation process makes its extremely easy for you to have them installed on your roof, …

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