Brazilian Government Failing to Protect Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon is only accelerating. Some of the worst-affected countries, such as Brazil, may never grow back to what it once was. The world’s largest forest is being used for logging and is being replaced by humans. Humans want the land to grow crops and herd animals, but our Earth needs those forests.  The Amazon is the world’s …

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Agricultural Industry Consuming 80% of Fresh Water

Fresh water is becoming more scarce as the global population rises at an alarming rate. Water scarcity means that people will be unable to use the rivers and lakes they rely on for drinking water. Water has become scare in may states really, such as California that has been experiencing extreme drought for almost a decade.  In the last few …

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Green companies

Renewable Energy Entering Global Market

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular as the years go by and the role of renewable energy in the US economy grows. Companies have started to invest in renewable energy to replace coal in their operations. So what do all businesses have in common? They all want to invest in what is up and coming. Many people want to help …

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Fixing the Environment Starts with Bringing Awareness to It

Unfortunately, many people do not care about global issues regarding the environment. However, people are aware that nature is in trouble. They just don’t spend time time to try and figure out exactly what needs help and where.  Most people do not realize the destruction of the Earth will have very long lasting effects.  This is why the movement to …

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