Bumblebee Extinction Will Harm Many Plant Species

Many people’s first reaction when seeing a bee is to kill it or run. While many hornets and wasps do put people at risk, it is important that people be taught the significance of bumblebees and why they should not be killed.  Bumblebees are among the most effective gardeners and are known to nature and it has been that way …

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How You Can Help World Bank Fight Deforestation

If we continue at this trajectory of deforestation, many ecosystems will be destroyed that are required on Earth. The impact on the environment is huge. While the growth of trees is relatively slow, the demand for logging is very high, therefore creating an imbalance.  Many places such as the jungles in the Amazon and in Indonesia are being cut down …

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Vegetarianism Could Save Our Planet

Reducing the amount of meat eaten by humans would significantly help our environment. Many people are aware of the harm to both animals who are being killed, and plants that are being copped down to create grazing land. If people started changing their eating habits to a more plant based diet, our Earth would thank us. Vegetarianism is a growing …

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sea level rise

Sea Level Rise Accelerates as Ice Caps Melt Faster

Sea levels continue to rise, threatening coastal cities worldwide. Scientists predict that if the situation persists, sea levels may never go back to how they were before. What is more, with sea level comes less space on land. Sea level rise could make many places unlivable. Some scientists believe that sea level is a great indicator of how much climate …

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